3 ways to wear shorts and not look sloppy

Traditionally shorts were never meant to be worn outside except for sports or swimming. It wasn’t considered a good way of dressing. But with time things have changed. Men are nowadays more and more moving towards wearing shorts in summers and there are various reasons behind that, one of them being the comfort a pair of shorts can offer to you. Among a wide variety of shorts like denim shorts, high waisted shorts, sports shorts, tennis shorts, tailored shorts, etc. you should one according to the season and occasion.

Summers have set in. And we are sure you must be searching your wardrobe for the best pair of summer shorts to make you feel cool and comfortable this summer season. Check it out of you have the jean shorts, cotton shorts, sports shorts, and so on. And if you think you are lacking the right collection of shorts in your wardrobe, then this is the right time to get them, folks. You might think that wearing shorts is the easiest task in summers, but trust us it is not. This is because getting the right shorts for the right occasion is really difficult. Men generally do not pay much attention to the kind of shorts they are wearing when they go out. But this needs to change and for the good.

Here we’ll discuss three different ways of wearing your shorts with style.

  1. If you are choosing the basic tailored shorts for a summer brunch with your friends, you can style it accordingly. Want to feel cool and comfortable all day long? Get a basic V-neck t-shirt and pair it with your shorts. To match your casual look of the shorts and the t-shirt, you can choose to wear casual sneakers along with it. To get along with the style, why not complement this look by adding more to your accessories? Wear a cotton woven belt around the waist and try to match the sneakers with your belt color. If the weather is already slight cool, you can also choose to wear a light textures sweatshirt or sweater along with cotton dotted shorts. So you can look cool and casual on the chilly summer mornings too.
  2. If you wish to have a classic look while wearing your favorite pair of shorts, don’t worry because this is possible. Navy and tan are tried and tested colors and make a perfect combination of shirt and shorts for a casual or even a formal outing. Try to wear a shirt along with your shorts. It is the most versatile color combination for men and suits almost every man. How amazing it would be if you wear a navy blue blazer to top the look. A canvas belt would enhance your look further and make you look more casual.
  3. If you want to feel cool and comfortable all day long? Get a basic V-neck t-shirt and pair it with your shorts. To match your casual look of the shorts and the t-shirt, you can choose to wear casual sneakers along with it. To get along with the style, why not complement this look by adding more to your accessories? Wear a cotton woven belt around the waist and try to match the sneakers with your belt color. If the weather is already slight cool, you can also choose to wear a light textures sweatshirt or sweater along with cotton dotted shorts. So you can look cool and casual on the chilly summer mornings too.

Following these simple and basic styling tips, you can wear your shorts with style.

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Going to Delhi from Chennai? Here are Ways in which you can Reach Delhi

Just as Chennai is the gateway to the southern part of India, Delhi has the distinction of being the gateway to the north. The northern part of India has a lot of famous Hindu pilgrimages. There are places like Hrishikesh, Haridwar, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. A lot of South Indians do visit these pilgrim locations every year. Now, you need to touch Delhi before embarking further on these pilgrimages. Hence, there is a demand for flight tickets from Chennai to Delhi.

In addition to these pilgrimages, you have places of tourist interest like Mussorie, Shimla, Kashmir, and so on. These places also entail that you touch Delhi. The national capital is an important transit point for all these locations.

How can you reach Delhi from Chennai?

You can reach Delhi by road, rail, and air. The road journey is a very tedious one because of the sheer distance. Trains are a popular mode of transport. You have many trains running between Chennai and Delhi. Unfortunately, the volume of traffic is such that it is difficult to get tickets. The fastest train, Rajdhani Express takes around 28 hours to complete the journey. Hence, many people prefer to fly to Delhi. They save a lot of time in the bargain because the flying time between Chennai and Delhi is just around 3 hours.

Flights from Chennai to Delhi

You will be surprised to note that there are 975 flights between Chennai and Delhi on a weekly basis. Therefore you can deduce there are around 6 flights in an hour. Now, that is a tremendous statistic. Practically, every low-cost airline has flights from Chennai to Delhi. Some of these flights do not originate from Chennai. There are flights from Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram that halt at Chennai en route to Delhi.

In addition, you have the national air carriers Indian Airlines and Air India having their flights to Delhi. Therefore, it is comparatively easy to get flight tickets from Chennai to Delhi.

How do you book tickets on these flights?

Booking flight tickets from Chennai to Delhi should not be an issue at all. There are many ways of booking cheap tickets. We discuss them in brief.

  • Through travel agencies:

You have a lot of travel agencies that specialize in booking flight tickets for their clients. Some of these travel agencies are registered as official booking agents of airline companies. Hence, these agencies get special agency discounts that they pass on to their clients. Therefore, you stand to gain from these agency discounts. There is no other way you can get these attractive discounts. You stand to gain in the bargain.

  • Travel websites / flight search engines

This is the most popular way people book flight tickets from Chennai to Delhi. The best part of the exercise is that you do it yourself. Hence, you can take your own time to finalize the date and time of journey. These websites provide information about all the flights that fly between Chennai and Delhi on various days of the week. You get the chance to compare the rates thereby allowing you to choose the one most suitable to you.

These travel websites have special discount coupon offers. You can use them while booking your tickets. These discounts might not be equal to your agency discounts, but they are attractive nevertheless. The advantage of using these travel websites is that you have the facility of using your credit card to make the payment. Various banks have issued special credit cards that offer discounts and air miles. These discounts are in addition to the travel website discount coupons. This makes it a double whammy for you. Therefore, people prefer this route to book their tickets.

You have the liberty to book your tickets early and thereby avail the advantage of cheap rates. Usually, you get these benefits when you book at least 15 to 30 days in advance. Note that these rates are less than the 1A train tickets. You save a clear day when you travel by air.

  • Directly from the airlines website:

Many people prefer to book directly from the websites of the airlines. They have their favourite airline companies. Hence, they do not worry about the discounts. Usually, the frequent flyers prefer to book directly from the airlines website because they get the frequent flyer’s discounts. This can offset the discount coupons they get at these travel websites. They can always use their special credit cards and avail additional discounts from these banks. Hence, these are also one of the most popular ways to book flight tickets from Chennai to Delhi.


Delhi is a compulsory transit point for pilgrims from the southern states. Therefore there is tremendous traffic from Chennai to Delhi necessitating the high volume of air traffic.…

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Watch Your Style While Enjoying Your Sport!

If you participate in a sport you know how important your watch can be. Although most people turn to their phone to check the time and other information when you’re at practice or running that’s just not practical and a wrist watch is the most convenient accessory to have. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice style or luxury when choosing your timepiece because Ashford has a complete line of sport watches to fit every need!

If you’re into diving you know how vital time is, and a professional Dive Master watch can be the key to a safe and enjoyable time beneath the waves. Because it’s waterproof it’s also a perfect match for boating, fishing, or water skiing.

If your sport is more hands-on you might look for a watch that’s tough and will take a beating without looking worse for the wear, so check out stainless steel PVD cases and styles with rubber straps.

If the outdoor life is your favorite pastime check out the Victorinox Swiss Army watch for a practical tool you can wear on your wrist. When you’re ready to buy download an Ashford coupon to save on your purchase!

You can choose a Swiss Quartz battery powered style that will not only withstand the rigors of soccer practice but will look great in a couple of decades when you pass it down to your son or daughter. Whether you run, play football, ski, or shoot hoops you’ll be sure to find the perfect style.

If you have a teenager in sports a high-end watch is the perfect tool for keeping stats because you can keep track of the time of various plays. It’s also great to set an alarm to remember to pick them up after practice!

While you’re shopping take a look at the more elegant styles that are designed to make a fashion statement when you’re at a black tie dinner or wedding venue. After all, watches are a type of jewelry and can speak volumes about the man that’s wearing the piece. Nothing shows success quite as well as a stunning timepiece!

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Tips to Make a Good Fitness Schedule for Beginners

When doing sports, we need a plan before doing so for maximum results. Well, this article will discuss the tips in making a good fitness schedule and effective especially for beginners who have just started gym fitness activities in the gym each. Come on reading and hope to help.


In making a good schedule and effective, generally made with attention to the following things:

1. Which side of the body priority will be trained

Each person must have some lack of body. For example a distended abdomen, arms with fat-twisted or the appearance of a fat-looking leg. Well, the lack of that side of the body that needs to be repaired with fitness training program.

2. Set duration of practice

If possible, work 3 to 4 times a week with the hours up. But never less than 2 times a week. If in fact a lot of fat deposits that need to be reduced so take exercise 4 times a week.

3. Do fitness at home if possible

Indeed at home can practice, but certainly, use the equipment potluck and without any guidance from a trainer. Better indeed be a member of fitness club until your goal is more easily realized.

4. Set the type of exercise

Chest and tricep exercises are usually done together because chest muscle exercises are also at risk to the triceps. Back muscle exercises and bicep also make one. In each exercise, it is only possible to train 1 large muscle (can be chest muscles or back muscles) that can be trained. Train the abdominal muscles also make the body stronger and not easy to collapse. In addition to practicing abdominal muscles, exercising the leg muscles are also isolated but still can be combined with the butt muscle exercises.

A good and effective schedule for beginners should ideally give time to the resting body muscles after being damaged. is an example of a one-week weekly schedule:

Monday: chest muscle exercises, tricep muscles, abdominal muscles and leg muscles.
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: back muscle exercises, bicep muscles, buttock muscles and waist muscles.
Thursday: off
Friday: abdominal exercises, leg muscles, buttocks and waist muscles.

The assumptions used are: training the lower body muscles, have no goal to lose weight but only form it and have time 3 times a week with each exercise approximately 1.5 hours and have counted cardio exercise for 15 minutes.

Well, it’s Tips to Make a Good Fitness Schedule for Beginners, by making a good fitness schedule so you will not be careless in practice. Most importantly the targeted part of the body gets the number of training portions more often. First of all, you have to have high spirits to do fitness. The schedule is definitely made to be practiced. Keep exercising regularly and regularly so that what we want can be achieved.…

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Finding Your Own Blackbuck Hunting Adventure

Blackbuck hunting can be some of the best hunting you will ever do. In case you are not accustomed to what exactly a blackbuck is, they are an animal that can generally be found in Texas. The animal was first introduced to the area in the Central Texas area in 1932. The blackbuck can be unmistakable as their horn pattern is unlike anything you will find associated with any other animal. There are around 20,000 of the animals in Texas and a world population of more than 100,000 and several places that you can go hunting these animals for sport. These places offer you everything that you need to hunt and bag your own blackbuck that you can have mounted or stuffed to take home as a trophy. The horns that are on a blackbuck will range from 18 to 24 inches in length with a length of 30 inches be possible from time to time.

The weight of a male will range to be around 85 pounds with some of these reaching as high as 125 pounds. The females are a little less in weight with the average weight for a female being around 60 pounds with them reaching as much as 75 pounds in weight. The fur on the male will darken more and more as he gets older and this is one of the biggest reasons that they are such a beautiful animal. In regards to hunting them in Texas, there is no real season on these as it is open season all year long. So the question will be asked what all do you get when you head to a blackbuck antelope hunting ranch? There is a lot that you can expect from this experience and knowing what to expect beforehand.in the costs for one of these hunting ranches, they will throw in things like the transportation of your kill to the meat processing plant and taxidermist. In addition to this, they will also include if you need it a gun and ammunition for your hunt. In addition to all of this, your lodging and meals will be included as well. In addition, many of these places will also offer other hunting experiences. One such place offers night hog hunting from the comfort of their hog blind. What makes this unique is the fact that this hunting blind is equipped with the latest technology and you can watch live sports all while hunting at night for the hog.

As you can see the business of blackbuck hunting is alive and well and more and more people are going to take on this adventure to see the fun that can be associated with this sport. If you have never gone hunting blackbucks, then you do not understand what you are missing out on. This is an adventure that you will not long forget and will be a great outing for you and a bunch of your friends to undertake. Texas is the place to go for some of the best hunting for blackbuck you can find anywhere else in the United States.

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Five Type Most Popular Sports in the World

Sports. the most popular and most watched sports debate in the world has been going on for a long time, as everyone will choose and support the sport they love the most. Different with soccer, many agree and say that soccer is the most popular game in the world. This is evidenced by a large number of fans and viewers who see the game either directly or only through social media. While for others still in the debate until now.


Many people make their own listings by not putting forward a clear analysis to determine the world’s most popular sport, but here I will briefly describe the world’s most popular sports based on some income generated factors, support and advertising, the presence of social media and so on. Instead of curious, we just see the same about the most popular sports in the world

Sports Soccer

Football is the Most Popular Sports In The World. The sport that has fans of around 4 billion people will stay on top with no other game approaching it. Europe is the premier club where football is played competitively. The World’s Largest Football Competition is the UEFA Champions League where European elite clubs compete for the best and make a lot of money.

Volle Ball

Volleyball is the fifth most popular sport in the world. This is because of the simplicity of the game volleyball, but although very simple, certainly not an easy thing if we are not a professional. It takes physical strength to jump high. Volleyball is very popular and growing in the world.


With 1 billion fans from all over the world, tennis is the fourth most followed sport. The previous 3 were all team matches, while tennis was the first individual game on this list. The biggest tennis competition is 4 grand slams. The unique thing about tennis is the existence of gender equality. In all other sports such as football or cricket, women’s competitions do not have the importance that men have.

Field hockey

With fans reaching 2 billion people worldwide who mostly come from Asia, Europe, and Australia, Hockey Field entered the third list as the Most Popular Sports In The World. Hockey is a native sport of Pakistan and very popular in South Asia.


Sport is very popular in Commonwealth countries such as South Asia, including India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. Cricket is also an important sport in England, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the English-speaking Caribbean region. But what it is, this sport actually has a fan that almost reaches 2.5 billion people worldwide.



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How to Start a Motor Sports & Accessories Business

There are a lot of people who love the excitement of riding a hot new bike like the 2018 Kawasaki Ninja H2. This excitement has the potential for individuals with the drive to open a motorsports & accessories store and earn a living while fulfilling their passion.

Most business owners in Kawasaki Ninja Hillsboro OR sector started out with a passion for riding motorcycles and used that as a driving force to help other riders purchase a quality motorcycle. Providing their customers with the accessories that will keep them safe and comfortable, was the long-term goal in mind.

Steps for Starting a Motorsports and Accessories Business:

Type of Motor Sports Store?

Make a choice on what type of motorsports & accessories store you want? Do you want to sell motorcycles, ATV’s, or water sports equipment? A good tip is going with what you know. If motorcycles are your thing, then stick with a product you can sell confidently. It’s not out of the question to include all motorsports in your store; however, hiring experts in those fields will be necessary to uphold your level of expertise for those customers inquiring about those products.

Write a Business Plan

Create a business plan that is directly related to your mission statement and purpose as well as future financial projections. Having a business plan explains your vision for potential investors and lenders. There are professional online businesses that can help you write a rock-solid business plan if you’re not sure of what to do and they can increase your odds of being approved for a loan.

Get Your Legal Aspects Finalized

Register your business name with the city clerk and set your business up as either a corporation or a limited liability company. To file for an LLC, you’ll need to file articles of organization in your state and pay a fee. A business license to sell products in your area will also be required.


How many times have we all heard this? Location is key in any business endeavor and you will need to secure a location that has easy access for customers while providing adequate space for merchandise and a service department. Leasing a building is the logical solution to avoid being tied down to a location that might go belly up.

Other Important Considerations

You will need to figure out what brand names you want to sell and service. Brands like Kawasaki are an obvious choice, but whatever your passion is, that’s what you need to buy. You can’t sell something that you know knowing about? As mentioned above, hiring a professional in a particular brand name will be an asset to your business if you know nothing about the brand.

Finally, get your promotional items ready ahead of time with radio/TV/newspaper advertising, online, billboards, and the old-fashioned way of placing fliers on windshields in populated shopping centers. Starting your own business in this sector can be like living the American dream while riding in the wind.

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